Costa Rica Flights

Costa Rica Flights

Located in the heart of Central America just north of the equator, Costa Rica is the only Latin American member of the 22 older democracies of the world. If you are planning to visit Costa Rica for your family vacation, you are in for a treat. In this article, we will discuss the several activities you can do while in Costa Rica and will recommend places to visit in the country. We will also discuss the available options for accommodation in the country.
Costa Rica in a Nutshell

Costa Rica has a tropical climate due to its geographical location. The summers last from December to April and the winters from May to November, the country receives heavy rainfall during the winter season.

Things to do
Where do we even start? Costa Rica has so much to offer that tourism has become the backbone of its economy. The country is blessed with beautiful beaches, extraordinary national parks, biological reserves, craters, and volcanoes. The country also has several islands, rivers, and mountains which are popular among the tourists.

Costa Rica has such rich variety of flora and fauna that ecotourism has become one of the most important segments of the country’s hospitality and tourism sector. The country has about 5% of the world’s biodiversity, that means a huge variety of plants and animals are gathered in one place, and you get a chance to see them.

There is a huge list of beaches, volcanoes, parks, and reserves you can visit and activities you can do while in Costa Rica. However, we strongly recommend going there with a group and taking a guided tour. Although guided tours do not sound like fun, but the upsides include saving boat load of money and not missing out of any of the possible adventures.

A whole day spent at Celeste River, a horseback ride to La Fortune Waterfall, or a tour of the Venado Caves. You could do it on your own if you have been there before, but if you are there for the first time with your family, it would be better to have a guide. We strongly recommend going to Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs, and trips to the many beaches and islands are absolutely necessary to make your family vacation memorable.

Recommended Accommodations
You will most probably be doing a lot of travelling while in Costa Rica, and will not be staying in one place every night. If you opt for a different hotel every night, it would end up costing you a great deal. Instead, we found some cheap deals and packages for your convenience.

There are caravan offers withal inclusive packages covering all activities and there are several varieties to choose from. If you are ready for the great outdoors, we can help you find great deals. All we need to know are your intended period of stay, and the number of family members coming along for the trip. We can also help couples looking for low cost accommodation deals. All you need to do is contact us and we can get you the accommodation within your budget. We have what you need to make that dream vacation happen.