Canada Flights


Ideally located in North America with the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans encompassing it, Canada boasts one of the biggest, most impressive coastlines in the world. Best of all, its gigantic waters are only the start of an endless series of incredible awe inspiring landscapes, with stunning mountains, lakes, rainforests and wildlife permeating the luxuriant land of what is truly one of the most exquisite and naturalistic countries on the planet. This makes it a magnet for nature lovers and active outdoor types who enjoy the scenic delights is offers and take advantage of the ideal sporting environment. It’s not all about nature though. Canada also offers up a thriving arts culture, plenty of historic sights and ample shopping opportunities in its great cities.

Flight Information

Flights can be booked from London directly to a number of cities in Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, and take around 8 hours direct. Flight prices start at around £300 per adult each way when flying economy, though these are always changing depending on the season and availability, and offers are often available.

Things to do in Canada

There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Canada, with something for everyone in this multi-faceted country that has so much to offer visitors.

Canadians are all about sport, and when you look at the gorgeous countryside, beaches, sea, lakes and mountains that surround them, it isn’t difficult to see why. Not only does Canada provide an aesthetically pleasing environment in which to work out outside, it also has everything you need to enjoy swimming, cycling, hiking, snow sports, rock climbing and water sports. The Newfoundland’s Appalachian Trail is especially popular for avid hikers, and boat enthusiasts are simply spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to take to the water.

Canada is overflowing with wonderful national parks, all of which are well worth dedicating a day or two to explore fully. Lots of these parks offer camping opportunities, and many of them are centred on its great wildlife. The Wapusk National Park, for example, is a preserved breeding ground for polar bears, and rarer animals like wild bears and moose can be spotted at the likes of Riding Mountain National Park, if visitors are lucky.

Get a taste of Canada and its distinctive tastes by dining at a typical Canadian restaurant like a local. Nobody should leave Canada before enjoying a delicious dish of the most famous Canadian meal Poutine, a portion of French fries drenched in brown sauce and topped with cheese curds. Other staples in Canadian cuisine are, of course, bacon and maple syrup, and they also have been known to love their fish.

Hotels in Canada

Canada has an eclectic choice of accommodation available, with your average hotels and budget hostels on offer along with a whole host of other options, like guesthouses, B&Bs and inns. Those visiting more rural parts of the country will find unique and charming lodges situated in forests and by lakes, and those with slightly bigger budgets can choose from a range of spacious apartments, which allow self-catering to be done on the vacation.

Many of the best accommodation and hotel options in Canada are independent, family run businesses, and it’s always a good idea to look out for them and check reviews before booking, however there are also chains and brand named hotels for familiarity and peace of mind, like Fairmont, Choice and Travelodge.