Bulgaria Flights

Bulgaria Flights

The Republic of Bulgaria is a country located in southeastern Europe and is bordered by Romania, Greece and Turkey. Notwithstanding this central location, Bulgaria shares a coastline with the Black Sea; a popular tourist destination. While this country is considered to be highly industrialised, it also boasts a rich and diverse culture. For these reasons, millions of visitors enjoy the numerous unique destinations to be experienced here.

Flights to Bulgaria

The most frequented airport in Bulgaria is located within the capital city of Sofia. From London, most flights will last a duration of just over three hours. Itineraries that choose the cities of Varna or Bourgas for their destinations may be slightly longer. Upon arrival, the robust train network found here will enable travellers to frequent other locations outside of the major metropolitan areas. Additionally, the three aforementioned cities also offer numerous metro services as well as car hire, taxis and airport shuttles within their urban centres.

Things to do in Bulgaria

As Bulgaria has been one of the most consistently inhabited regions in the world, there are a number of unique cultural and historical locations to be visited. In fact, the country boasts no less than nine different UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the most prominent include a rock relief known as the Madar Rider and ancient churches such as the Rila Monastery and the Boyana Church. In particular, the Churches of Ivanovo that are literally carved out of solid pieces of rock.

Notwithstanding these interesting examples of early architecture, the cities of Sofia and Varna are known to offer eclectic nightlife and exquisite cuisine. Due to the fact that the country enjoys a rather moderate climate, fresh fruits and vegetables abound. Additionally, traditional drinks such as an alcoholic beverage known as “menta” will offer a unique taste into the culture of the Bulgarian people. The country is also famous for its luxury restaurants and it is not uncommon for visitors to remain awake late into the evening in order to secure a table at one of the many respected establishments in the city centres. A final aspect of Bulgaria that should be mentioned is that it offers one of the largest number of theatres in Europe. According to figures from 2005, there were a total of seventy-five different venues to choose from. So, Bulgaria can also be seen as an important centre for the arts.

Hotels in Bulgaria

As the number of tourists visiting this country is said to be increasing each year, Bulgaria offers a variety of luxury hotels to enjoy during one’s stay. In Sofia, the Radisson Blu Grand Hotel and the Sofia Hotel Balkan are two of the most prominent. Bourgas boasts luxury properties including Hotel Bulgaria Bourgas and the Grand Hotel and Spa Primoretz. If one arrives at Varna, the Modus Hotel and the Grand Hotel London are consistently rated as two of the top in the city. All of these properties offer an English-speaking staff and a host of amenities that are certain to be enjoyed.