Brazil Flights

Brazil is one of the foremost destinations in Latin America and has been increasing in popularity in recent years due to its idyllic beaches and friendly local population. Many people dream of sunbathing on Brazil’s famous beaches, participating in leisurely volleyball games, participating in lively carnivals and sipping on the region’s signature cocktails. As the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is incredibly diverse and has so much to offer visitors – from the infamous Rio carnival to the natural wonders of the forests and mountains. The climate in Brazil’s seaside resorts is warm and balmy, and the beaches surrounding Rio de Janeiro are recognised to be amongst the cleanest and most beautiful in the world.

This year there are some great deals and offers available from online tour operators. Bargains can be found for all dates and methods of travel; including for family package deals, luxury all inclusive offers, low cost flights, adventure packed backpacking breaks and cheap accommodation. 2012 has seen many people considering making a visit to Brazil as the country was thrust into the spotlight following their takeover of the Olympic mantle for 2016. With the images of samba dancers at carnival, the towering magnificence of Cristo Redentor and palm-lined beaches; Brazil has captured the public imagination in a way unlike any other destination.

Culture and History

Brazil’s culture and history is rich and exciting; with many diverse peoples and experiences helping to mould the country into the melting pot it has become today. Indigenous peoples live alongside the descendants of African slaves and Dutch and Portuguese settlers. This depth of experiences and cultures has led to a wealth of art, food, dance, literature and music – with capoeira martial arts and samba music and dance growing in popularity around the globe.

Due to its turbulent history, there are many museums and historical buildings throughout Brazil, with visitors being able to explore the horrors of the slave trade, experience some indigenous culture and learn about the first settlers to Brazil. For anyone who has an interest in history, a holiday in Brazil is the ideal opportunity to discover more about the region’s fascinating, and often tragic, past.

Please note: The national language of Brazil is Portuguese rather than Spanish; and many local people will become offended if referred to as ‘Hispanic’ or if it’s automatically presumed that they will speak Spanish. Brazilians tend to consider themselves to be more similar to Europeans than Americans, and much of their education and other systems are closely modelled on those of France. Visitors from Europe are always made to feel welcome in Brazil and the society is very warm and open, with a strong focus on family and friendship.

Rio de Janeiro

Despite not being the capital city of Brazil (that’s Brasilia), Rio de Janeiro is more synonymous with the country than any other town or region. For most people a trip to Brazil will not be complete without a visit to Rio – whether for carnival or for a trip to the infamous beaches. From the iconic figure of Cristo Redentor, ‘Christ the Redeemer’ overlooking Rio de Janeiro to the famously beautiful people on Ipanema beach – Brazil offers visitors the opportunity to sample a truly unique and laid back way of life.

The city is famous for its bustling nightlife, world renowned carnival, unparalleled beaches and relaxed atmosphere. There are many excellent restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs; and the city is well known for its love of the mojito and other cocktails – particularly those involving rum or other local spirits or liqueurs. Unsurprisingly for a city next to the sea, Rio is famous for its freshly caught fish and seafood – with many restaurants creating Brazil’s signature spicy dishes on a grill outside. The delicious aromas of the nation’s famous steak and shrimp dishes are mouth-watering, and cafés can often be very reasonably priced options for families with children.