Berlin Flights

Berlin Flight

Germany’s capital is built around the River Spree and is one of Europe’s most alluring destinations. The city has changed dramatically over the past century with numerous rejuvenation projects and now has an eclectic mix of architecture both modern and old.

With a range of cultural attractions, some of Europe’s best nightlife and excellent shopping facilities, Berlin is a popular destination for a range of travellers.

Flight Information

Berlin is served by two airports Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) and Berlin Tegel (TXL). Berlin Tegel is the main airport and is situated in the west of the city and Berlin Schönefeld is situated in the south east. Budget airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet tend to fly to Schönefeld Airport. On average, a flight from London to either of Berlin’s airports will take around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

When to Go

The best time to visit Berlin is between the late spring and September as Berlin enjoys its best weather during these months, making it a great time to enjoy the city’s outdoor pleasures such as picnicking and enjoying a beer in a riverfront biergarten. During these months there are also a number of great events such as the Carnival of Cultures which is held in June and in August Berlin hosts a beer festival.

What to Do in Berlin

There are plenty of fun things to see and do whilst on holiday in Berlin. The rest of this guide highlights some of the most popular things to do in the German capital.

One of the city’s most famous attractions is the Berliner Dom, Berlin Cathedral. The cathedral is situated on Spree Island and you can get a great view of it from the park opposite. If you purchase a ticket you can explore the cathedral’s splendid interior and visit its museum. In addition, you can also climb to the top of the dome for an excellent panorama of the city.

When it comes to shopping, there are plenty of outlets to choose from in Berlin. If you are looking for designer stores and conventional retailers, head to West Berlin. On the other hand, if you are looking for quirkier shops and markets, head to East Berlin. One of the best areas for shopping in berlin is Kurfürstendamm. Here you will find the cavernous Kaufhaus des Westens department store and a number of interesting side streets. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to take a break in too.

When the weather is nice, be sure to check out the Botanical Gardens. Spread over 108 acres the gardens are home to an impressive collection of fauna from around the world. In addition, there is a fascinating Botanical Museum here which is worth a visit.

As mentioned in the introduction, Berlin has some of the best nightlife in Europe. Some of the best places for a night out include East Berlin and Kreuzberg. The German capital has a lot of live music both from internationally renowned artists and local bands. Tickets tend to be more affordable in Berlin too.