Barbados Flights


Located within a group of islands known as the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is a popular holiday destination that is visited by countless tourists each year. Thanks to a balmy climate, truly pristine beaches and second-to-none levels of accommodation, this island paradise is quite popular for visitors from around the world.

Flight Information

The main (and only) airport in Barbados is the Grantley Adams International Airport. This major transportation hub caters to both short- and long-haul flights. Non-stop flights from London to Barbados will take approximately eight hours. However, flights with a layover at another airport can take as long as twenty hours. Of course, this will all depend upon the route taken.

Things To Do

The beaches should be mentioned first, as many will arrive at this destination due to their sheer beauty. Set alongside tropical blue waters and white sands, visitors can expect nothing less than a picturesque paradise. Some of the best locations are Crane Beach, Ju Ju’s Beach and Accra Beach.

While the beaches are certainly not to be missed, Barbados will also offer visitors some unique glimpses of the local flora and fauna. An example of this can be seen in the beautiful preserve known as Andromeda Gardens. Situated on six acres of untouched land, these gardens provide much more than nature alone. There is also a cafeteria, a gift shop, a library and a majestic gazebo which overlooks the sea.

Those who are interested in the origins of this island should visit the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. Offering no less than five hundred thousand artefacts, this location offers a unique glimpse into the eclectic and sometimes turbulent past of the island. Established in 1933, this museum has gained fame throughout the world.

One of the lesser-known wonders that should be experienced is Harrison’s Cave. This location was first mentioned as far back as 1795 and it has been attracting visitors ever since. Foreigners can expect to enjoy spectacular views of underground geology when taking guided tours. In fact, a tramway is built into the caves; enabling visitors to enjoy a first-hand view of the countless nooks and crannies that are found within.

These are a handful of the must-see locations that should be experienced during any trip to Barbados. With amenable non-stop flights and numerous excursions each day, Barbados is without a doubt one of the most alluring islands in the world.