What You Need to Know About Portsmouth Cruises

Portsmouth is arguably the most well-known port within the United Kingdom and it has served as a main point of departure since at least as far back as the Roman times. Thanks to its protected harbour and relatively deep waters, it is now home to a handful of major cruise lines in these modern times. This is the reason why countless travellers will choose a cruise from Portsmouth each and every year. Let’s look at some logistical factors to consider. How can you arrive here? What carriers serve this region? What are some of the most common destinations which can be reached from Portsmouth. If you are hoping to avoid any unforeseen circumstances along the way, this information will prove quite useful.

How to Arrive at Portsmouth

One of the most convenient facts about Portsmouth is that it is relatively close to London. It is located approximately 66 miles from Heathrow Airport and 80 miles from Gatwick. There are regular rail and bus services which run to and from these locations. Anyone who happens to be arriving by car should take the A3 motorway, as it provides a direct connection between the port and London. Of course, you can perform additional research if you live in other regions of the United Kingdom. Those who are staying in Portsmouth for a few days before their cruise departs are encouraged to check out the district known as Waterfront City, as there are number of attractions and hotels to enjoy.

What Cruise Lines Serve Portsmouth?

There are literally dozens of cruise lines which utilise this port. International carriers such as Cunard and Carnival Cruises will regularly make stopovers here, so it is wise to navigate to their official websites to learn more about when the next ship will arrive. Several prestigious operators likewise call Portsmouth home. These include:

– Saga
– Phoenix Riesen
– Ponant

If you would like more details about these and other possibilities, it could be prudent to perform a simple online search utilising the term “Portsmouth cruises”. This will provide you with a wealth of information as well as the predicted arrival and departure dates.

Where Will Portsmouth Cruises Depart To?

One of the major routes which is serviced by Portsmouth will provide access to regions such as Portugal, the northern shores of Spain, the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea. It is also possible to take a cruise from Portsmouth if you wish to discover the magic and beauty of Scandinavia, as other lines cater specifically to these destinations.

Please note that Portsmouth is one of the busiest ports within the United Kingdom. Due to its convenient location, it is also the most popular with travellers. This is why you always need to book a journey well in advance; perhaps as many as 16 weeks before the intended departure date. Speak with your travel agent or an online booking portal in order to learn more about what is in store.