Nile Cruises

Thousands of travelers visit the historically rich region of the Nile every year to bask in the glory of historic cities like Aswan, Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Luxor. Popular sites like Elephantine Island, Tombs of the Nobles, Temple of Edfu, and Valley of the Kings are some of the oldest and most significant tourist attractions accessible through various cruises on the Nile River.
The Nile River has two major ports, Luxor and Aswan, both of which run several different cruises all year round. These fantastic cruises provide a rather comfortable and enjoyable way of visiting the famous archeological wonders of Upper Egypt. Luxury boats have been the prime method of transportation in the region amongst the elite since the times of ancient Egypt.

The city of Luxor is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Egypt. The primary reason for Luxor’s popularity is its proximity to Thebes. The old capital of Egypt, Thebes, is home to some of the most historic wonders in the world. Some of the most popular of these wonders are the Temple of Seti I and the Ptolemaic Temple of Hathor.

Aswan, on the other hand, is a much smaller city that has been referred to as the Gateway to Africa for the better part of the last 5,000 years. Aswan was built around Lake Nassar and is an extremely historically rich city. The city of Aswan is home to sites like the Unfinished Obelisk, Fatimid Cemetery, Elephantine Island, Seheyl Island, Tombs of Mekhu & Sabni, Tomb of Sarenput II, Kubbet el-Hawa, Philae Temple, and Abu Simbel.

For over 5,000 years, the Nile has acted as the most convenient method of travel within Egypt. All the great cities and early colonies of ancient Egypt were built along the Nile River. The rise of the colonies surrounding the Nile can be contributed to the fertile farmland and the commodity of fresh water, which is scarce in most of Egypt.

There aren’t any extremely extravagant cruise line ships that provide the commodities of a lavish royal cruise like the P&O Cruise and the Princess Cruise. But, a large number of local liners that make frequent trips are rather luxurious and are relatively affordable.
Majority of the cruises that run along the Nile River start from a modest all inclusive price of $1,100. These are great deals considering that these holiday cruise ships have excellent restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and the rooms are in superb condition as well.

Some of the most lavish cruise liners are:

• Nile Goddess
• St. George I
• Alexander the Great
• Moon Goddess

All of these lavish ships are fully equipped with state of the art technologies. They offer spacious and luxury rooms, have excellent dining restaurants, are equipped with multiple swimming pools, bars, and live entertainment during the evenings.

Other commendable cruise liners include the Dahabeya Amirat, Royal Viking, Viking Princess, Star Goddess, and the Amarco II.
It is important to note that a few of these cruise ships do not accommodate children under the age of 12, so it is best to inquire prior to making reservations. Also, majority of these cruise ships close reservations 45 days prior to the date of embarking. So, it is best to plan and book your vacation in advance.

The Nile primarily attracts tourists that are fascinated by the historical significance the region offers. The Government of Egypt expects to cater to tourists in excess of 10 million in 2012. This is fascinating considering that there was a recent political uprising which resolved into a revolution in the country. Needless to say, tourism has not suffered in the hospitable country of Egypt.