Mediterranean Cruises

The Mediterranean is home to some of the grandest and most popular cruises. The regions rich history, beautiful beaches, and magnificent cities attract millions of tourists every year. Some of the most famous destinations in the Mediterranean include Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Venice, and Istanbul.

Although not immensely popular, Mediterranean cruises offer the unique opportunity of covering a wide variety of cities in a short span of time. These luxury cruise line ships are immensely popular amongst tourists from the United Kingdom due to the proximity of the cities in the Mediterranean. Also, it is important to note that even with its limited popularity, reservations on popular cruise liners fill up relatively quickly. So, it is advisable to make reservations prior to taking days off work.
Majority of the tourists that visit the Mediterranean seek to soak in the rich culture and diverse arts of the region by exploring the various architectures, churches, mosques, museums, and ruins that contributed to the success of the region. The refined dining, bars, clubs, and nightlife that the Mediterranean has to offer is also regarded as some of the best in the world. Also, there are several spectacular blue water beaches in the Mediterranean that are immensely popular amongst both the youth and adults.

A huge reason for the Mediterranean’s becoming such a huge tourist attraction is that it has a wide range of activities that may be enjoyed by every member of the family. Listed below are some of the best holiday cruise ships that operate in the Mediterranean.

P&O Cruises

The Peninsular and Oriental Cruises offer a staggering number of 36 port destinations in 14 different countries that border the Mediterranean. One may chose from a variety of tours in order to avoid cities and countries that might not be of interest to the individual.
Synonymous with extravagant luxury, P&O Cruise is a sure way to travel through the Mediterranean in style. Accommodation of the P&O are equivalent to, if not better than, some of the best hotels in these famous cities.

Also, it is important to note that all P&O Cruises for the Mediterranean set sail from and end in the city of Southampton, United Kingdom. Although some guests do come on board from a few selected destinations of Europe, majority of the cruise liners guests embark from Southampton and the ships are usually full from as early as April till late September.

Guests may chose from 6 different ships for their Mediterranean tours. Also, P&O plan to add a 7th ship at year end 2012. The shortest Mediterranean tour on a P&O ship lasts 19 days and the cheapest rates per person are $1599. The deals offered on the P&O tours are best for those that are looking for a nice, long, and adventurous vacation.

Princess Cruises

The Princess Cruise liners offer Mediterranean cruises that range from overnight to twelve days in duration. Some of the most popular ports on their Mediterranean cruise include Florence, Rome, Venice, Portofino, Istanbul, and Barcelona.
Widely popular amongst honeymooners and couples, the Princess Cruise offers great deals on its trips because guests omit the need for spending loads of money on accommodation and transportation in these price inflated tourist destinations.
The Mediterranean can be visited in all of Princess Cruises 7 signature ships. There are also specific tours that allow guests to get on the Nile River and visit historic sites like Jerusalem and Giza.
The Princess Cruise has liners that leave for the Mediterranean from Florida, however most tourists begin their Mediterranean tours from European cities like Barcelona and Venice. Starting prices per person start from $999. And, the tours range from 2 till 32 days. There are over 36 ports on the Princess Cruises Mediterranean tour list.

Other Cruises

Virgin Holiday Cruises, Thomas Cook, and Norwegian Cruise Line are also some of the better cruise liners that offer great bargain deals to the Mediterranean. However, it is important to note that they lack the pizzazz of a royal cruise ship like the P&O and Princess Cruise.