Although there are regular flights to popular holiday destinations both within the UK and farther afield, often at low prices, many people still elect to travel by ferry. Indeed, travelling by ferry has a number of advantages. To begin with, ferries are a very economical mode of transport as they allow passengers to travel from Dover to Calais for as little as £25!

While it is important to remember that a ferry journey takes significantly more time than a flight—indeed, it can take more than a day to get to Spain from the UK—ferries are equipped with a range of modern facilities to make the journey more enjoyable such as shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. These facilities allow travellers to enjoy a mini cruise before their holiday begins!

Travelling by ferry allows you to bring your car on holiday with you. This not only means that you can bring considerably more luggage with you, but it also gives you more freedom when you reach your destination.

Popular Destinations in the UK


Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and is blessed with beautiful scenery, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. Condor Ferries provide frequent ferries from a number of UK destinations to St. Helier in Jersey. One of their most popular routes is Portsmouth to Jersey. There are 6 ferries a week which take this route and the journey takes on average 8 and half hours.

Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a popular destination for families and ferries run most frequently from Portsmouth. Wight Link provides around 31 ferries a day to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth and the journey takes just 40 minutes, meaning that you will be able to begin you Isle of Wight holiday in no time at all!


There are frequent ferries to Ireland’s lively capital city from a number of convenient locations throughout the UK, such as Liverpool and Holyhead. The journey from Holyhead to Dublin takes between 2 and 3 and a half hours and the route is served by Irish Ferries and Stena Line. On the other hand, a ferry from Liverpool to Dublin takes considerably longer. Indeed, the route is served by P&O Ferries and can take around 8 hours.

Popular Ferry Destinations in Europe


One of the most popular ferry destinations beyond the UK is France. One of the most popular routes to France is Dover to Calais. On average this journey takes around one and half hours and is served by 3 ferry companies meaning that there are 42 journeys’ daily. If you don’t fancy Calais, ferries from the UK also go to a number of other ports in the France such as Cherbourg, Dunkirk and St Malo.


Many UK holidaymakers opt to take the ferry to sunny Spain. With prices starting as low as £59 to Santander one way, it is easy to see why ferry is such a popular option. LD Lines and P&O provide a number of ferries from the UK it is possible to get a ferry to a range of Spanish destinations including: Santander, Bilbao and Gijon. While journey time varies according to where you are travelling to in Spain and where you are departing from in the UK, you can expect the journey to take at least 24 hours.


Holland has been a popular European destination for years with UK holidaymakers and ferries provide frequent and cheap transportation here throughout the year. One of the most popular routes is P&O’s Hull to Rotterdam ferry which runs 6 times throughout the week and takes just under 11 hours. Another popular route is Newcastle to Amsterdam which is served by DFDS Seaways and takes just over 15 hours.