Planning a Cruise from Edinburgh? Here is What You Need to Know

Edinburgh is one of the largest and most famous cities within Scotland. It should therefore come as no surprise that the entire region has served as an important point for centuries. While originally intended to ship goods to England and other parts of the world, Edinburgh now serves as a critical departure point for those who are eager to take a cruise. This is why a good deal of planning is required in advance if you hope to make an informed decision. What regions of the world are served by Edinburgh? What cruise liners operate to and from this destination? Are there any steps to take in order to ensure that you save a good deal of money when making a reservation? Let’s take a look at all three of these questions.

Destinations from Edinburgh

Like other major ports within Scotland, Edinburgh is often used by those who choose to visit the warmer latitudes. These are primarily associated with regions such as the Mediterranean Basin and the Caribbean. However, it is just as important to mention that many cruise liners serve the immediate region. This is a great option if you have never experienced Scotland from a maritime point of view. A handful of regional destinations addressed via Edinburgh include Inverness, Flam, Invergordon an Stavanger. Additional destinations such as Copenhagen are also served by Edinburgh, so this could be an excellent departure point to reach Scandinavia.

What Cruise Liners Operate to and from Edinburgh?

Of course, there are literally hundreds of private companies which leverage the convenience associated with the port of Edinburgh. It is still often wise to choose major carriers, as these tend to provide more flexibility in terms of dates and price ranges. Some of the larger companies which should be examined in greater detail include:

– Crystal Cruises
– Azamara
– Viking Ocean Cruises
– NCL Cruises
– Silversea
– Cunard Line

The good news is that departures tend to occur on a regular basis and the price will often be determined by how early you plan on booking tickets. So, are there any ways in which you can prepare for such a cruise and what should you take into account in advance?

How to Save Money and Time When Booking an Edinburgh Cruise

We already mentioned that reserving a spot in advance is critical. This is particularly relevant if you happen to be planning a cruise that lasts longer than seven days, as spots can fill up quickly. another worthwhile piece of advice is to take the weather into account when planning a holiday. The northern waters are known for their inclement weather conditions and if you are hoping to avoid the occasional storm or rainy day, it is better to plan a holiday for the early autumn or the late spring. On a final note, be sure to use objective online price comparison websites in order to contrast fees. It is also wise to sign up for free email newsletters, as these will often present you with excellent deals.