Dublin Cruises: A Basic Guide and Useful Advice

Dublin is an Irish city steeped in history and culture. While famous for its pubs and its friendly attitude, some individuals are unaware that this is also one of the largest ports within Ireland. This actually makes a great deal of sense, as the majority of cities were originally situated upon major waterways in order to accommodate trade and transportation requirements. The good news is that those who might be planning a cruise to or from Dublin have a host of options to choose from. What major carriers operate out of this port city? What are a handful of destinations that you can choose from? Are there any worthwhile tips to take into account in advance? Let’s take a closer look at what is in store.

What Cruise Liners Arrive and Depart from Dublin?

While there are literally hundreds of private companies and local tours which provide options for nearby excursions, we will be focusing upon those that offer international cruises for the sake of this article. A handful of the most well-known companies include:

– The Celebrity Reflection
– The Magellan
– The Crown Princess
– The Seven Seas Navigator
– The Seabourne Ovation

Each of these is associated with its own unique sent of amenities and some are designed for families as opposed to individuals or couples. This is why it is always wise to check their official websites in order to determine which represents the best option. Also, check to see if there are any package deals as well as how long the journey will last.

What Destinations can be Reached from Dublin?

The sheer size of this port dictates that you can choose from a kaleidoscope of unique locations. Many of the cruises which originate from the United Kingdom and Ireland tend to cater to the Scandinavian countries due to the geographical proximity to this region. Whether you hope to experience cities such as Stockholm and Helsinki or you are instead interested in viewing the majestic fjords and wildlife, this port could represent the ideal solution.

In the same respect, let’s keep in mind that many cruises from Dublin will cater to regions such as northern Spain, Portugal, the Algarve region and the Mediterranean Sea. This is why cities such as Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome and Athens are well within your reach if you book reservations in advance. It should still be mentioned that most cruises offer several different disembarkation points for those who are looking to soak up the local culture during their journey.

Preparing for Your Dublin Cruise

Take into account the weather, as winter months can be associated with inclement seas (particularly in the north). If you are hoping to encounter slightly lower prices, it could be wise to reserve tickets during the off season (generally during the early autumn and the late spring). Finally check out what type of on-board entertainment is offered as well as the size of the berths that you will be provided.