Cruises From Dover

Known for its iconic white cliffs, the city and region of Dover are arguably some of the most famous locations within the United Kingdom. The fact that this region is also located relatively close to the European mainland has allowed it to become a critical port for hundreds of years. This is the very same reason why cruises from Dover are said to take the lion’s share of tourists who might be looking to see the world in a different light. While Dover is very easy to access, there are still some issues to take into account. What cruise liners operate to and from this port city? What specific regions of the world can be accessed via a Dover cruise? Are there any steps to take in order to ensure a safe and fun journey? Let’s find out together.

The Main Cruise Liners Operating Out of Dover

There are many different companies to choose from and this will often depend upon your departure dates and where to want to visit. Still, these six companies tend to be some of the largest and most frequently available:

– Crystal Cruises
– Cunard
– Disney Cruise Line
– Holland America
– Norwegian Cruise Lines
– P & O Cruises

You can also search for smaller liners. While these may be less available, they could be wise options if you have to pay very close attention to your budget or if your dates are slightly more flexible. Please feel free to navigate to the respective websites mentioned above or to speak with your travel agent in order to obtain further information.

What Destinations can be Reached from Dover?

Short-term cruises are often associated with regions of France such as Calais. This is arguably the easiest way to reach Europe if you will be continuing your journey by land (such as with a train or a car hire service). Dover is also the main port which individuals use to travel to and from the Mediterranean region due to its convenient location. Thus, it is arguably the best option if you plan on visiting Gibraltar, Barcelona, the Costa del Sol, Girona or more easterly locations including Italy and Greece. You also have access to Baltic regions as well as Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Either way, discrete itineraries can always be found by performing a few moments of online research.

What to Take Into Account in Advance

Booking reservations early is always wise; perhaps as many as 16 weeks if you are hoping to encounter the most flexibility in regards to arrival and departure dates. Always be sure to take a look at the total length of the journey. If you happen to be travelling during times of the year associated with stormy or unpredictable weather, it could be wise to adopt a more flexible approach in terms of return dates. On a final note, remember to take all important documents before you leave, as the ship will not be returning to port for some time!