Compare Top Cruise Companies: Which is right for you?

There are many different cruise providers to select and making the right decision will normally involve taking a handful of important variables into account. Our team has performed much of the proverbial “leg work” so that you can appreciate what each has to offer. Without further ado, let’s look at four well-known companies.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Also known as Royal Caribbean International, this cruise line caters to more than 71 countries and it offers well over 300 destinations. Thus, it is one of the most versatile for those who are keen to explore the world around them in style. Royal Caribbean also provides holidays that last for nearly three weeks; a nice benefit if you plan on travelling with the family. However, we should note that the popularity of this carrier signals that some ships may become overcrowded during the height of the tourist season. 

Saga Cruises

Although Saga is a lesser-known company when compared to some other providers, it is still enjoyed by countless customers. Please note that Saga caters to the older generation (those over 50 years of age). Thus, it is not suitable for younger families or couples. Many onboard activities are likewise geared towards senior citizens. This firm is also known for its luxurious amenities as well as a choice of customised staterooms. Some customers have nonetheless stated that the choices of activities and embarkation points are not as varied as certain other cruise companies. This might not present an issue if you are instead more interested in obtaining a bit of onboard rest and relaxation.

P&O Cruises

Arguably one of Britain’s most famous cruise lines, P&O Cruises can trace its history back to 1977. One interesting feature associated with this carrier is the fact that specific ships are designated for certain types of travellers. For instance, the Aurora is geared towards the older generation while the Ventura boasts facilities for children and adults alike. P&O also seeks to update its vessels on a regular basis in order to ensure that even the most discrete needs can be addressed. The only possible issue is that some customers have stated that staff members can be slightly impersonal on occasion. Furthermore, P&O Cruises is focused mainly on European destinations. It could therefore be a bit tricky to find reservations associated with other portions of the world such as the Caribbean. Be sure to contact a representative to learn about which destinations are available.

Princess Cruises

Believe it or not, this carrier first came to fame thanks to the 1970s hit television series The Love Boat. Princess Cruises still enjoys a loyal following into the present day. This is partially due to the personalised sense of attention that is provided to each and every guest. Other benefits include flexible dining times, wheelchair-accessible cabins, and a dedicated smartphone app when planning excursions. The only possible downsides include pricey reservations during busier times of the year and shore excursions that may require an additional financial commitment. 

These four cruise lines are certainly worth a closer look. It is also a good idea to check out their latest pricing packages in order to fully appreciate which one represents the most logical solution. Having said this, do not hesitate to use this article for future reference as may be required. Either way, get ready to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!