Caribbean Cruises


The beautiful Caribbean is world renowned for its clear blue water beaches, rum, and year round tourism that the islands attract. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Islands are one of the best holiday cruise destinations in the world.
Many tourists claim that the best way to enjoy the Caribbean islands is through a cruise. A cruise vacation offers the unique opportunity to make the most of the different cultures found in the Caribbean. The British, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Danish, and Dutch have all had different influences on the islands during their conquests and these subcultures are prominent on each island.
There are several cruise line ships that leave from various locations such as Miami, Florida and Southampton, England for the Caribbean islands. Some of these liners offer trips at amazing deals. Also, for those that are interested, there are many cruises that leave from and travel within the Caribbean.

The following royal cruise ships are some of the best in the Caribbean:

P&O Cruises

The Peninsular and Oriental Cruises are the best option for those that would like their cruise to convey and maintain a certain level of British elegance on their cruise of the Caribbean. The P&O is the most popular British cruise line and all Caribbean cruises depart from Southampton, England.
P&O Cruise offers a unique combination of the fascinating towns, lush tropical forests, and historic harbors that the Caribbean Islands are popular for.
The P&O offers its guests a variety of options to choose from while on their cruise. Their ships offer plenty of entertaining options for adults such as casinos, bars, clubs, spas, and fine dining restaurants. They also have a separate program focusing on children of different ages called “The Reef”, which offers a variety of safe recreational and leisure activities for kids.
As of 2012, P&O Cruises of the Caribbean start from as low as $450 per person.
The shortest cruise on the P&O is for 2 nights and some of the longer trips range in excess of 30 days plus. The cruises visit from one to twelve ports in the Caribbean. One may choose from the various varieties of tours on the P&O website in order to pick the perfect trip.
There are seven different ships that P&O Cruises run through the Caribbean, with both family-friendly and adult only ship options for its guests.

Princess Cruises

A Princess Cruise is best for couples and honeymooners. However, there are several ships on the Princess Cruise fleet that are oriented specifically for families. The Princess Cruises are great for those that are looking to enjoy the most of the amazing natural wonders, turquoise waters, and the beautiful sandy beaches of the Caribbean.
The Princess Cruises are lavish cruise liners, each of their ships are equipped with various onboard activities, spas, and dining options. These cruises empower their guests to enjoy a tranquil and serene vacation or embark on an exciting and vibrant experience.
The Caribbean Cruises offered by Princess Cruises depart from New York, Texas, and Florida. Their cruises focus of Western, Eastern, and Southern Caribbean.
The Princess Cruises start from as low as $499 per person for a short 4 day cruises within the Caribbean. The longest cruise that one may enjoy on the Princess Cruise ships lasts for 15 nights

Other Cruises

Royal Caribbean, Cruise Thomas Cook, Virgin Holiday Cruises, Cruise First, and Carnival Cruises are all excellent cruises that one may chose from to enjoy a fun cruise of the Caribbean. However, neither of them offers the exceptional quality nor maintains the high standards that P&O Cruises and Princess Cruises have set.
That being said, each person has a different experience on a cruise because there is no universal recreational activity of luxury provided on these ships that everyone is satisfied of. It is extremely easy to book reservations and chose cruises online, each website provides overviews of what the ship features and the destination that would be visited. So, one may pick a specific cruise that would cater to their personal needs.