Antarctica Cruises


Pack your bags and prepare for a holiday cruise, the likes of which you could only have imagined. Travel to the farthest pole of the earth. Have a lifetime experience and create memories you’ll always cherish. Antarctica is a great place to explore if you are in the mood for the whitest, not to mention the coldest of adventures.

Antarctica is one of the finest examples of nature at its best. The lands are covered with an endless white sheet. There is calmness and serenity all around. The surroundings are filled with the sounds of sea gulls and penguins. The area is also home to thousands of playful seals. The temperatures in the region are the lowest recorded in the entire world. It is so unbearably cold that the place is devoid of residing humans.

The popular locations around Antarctica include the Peninsula, Ross Sea and Weddell Sea. If you are planning for a longer vacation, then a visit to South Georgia, Falkland Islands and the Shetland Islands can be included because the stay at Antarctica is usually short. The Colossal Iceberg is the largest in the world. The Cuverville Island is the biggest penguin colony. The Petermann Island boasts of some of the world’s most spectacular views.

People have to visit Ushuaia, located in Argentina, which serves as the starting port for most of the trips. Other starting points include harbors of New Zealand and Australia. The ships employed for Antarctica cruises are specially designed with ice strengthening hulls, which aid them in tours around the poles. There are plenty of tour guides which have vast knowledge about geography, glaciology and oceanography. The tour prices vary with the cruise organization, stopovers, ships and time period. A drawback is that these trips can be a bit hectic and unplanned because of the extreme weather uncertainty in Antarctica.

There are numerous travel organizations that offer expedition trips to the desolate continent on board a magnificent cruise line. The P&O cruise has many deals to choose from. Travelers can go only to Antarctica or go via some other destination in between. The journey is made on any of the seven beautiful ships. All the facilities including a gym, restaurant, restaurant, bar, library and games are available. The view of the sea from the deck is breath taking. Prices start from $199 per person, but can go over $600 depending on the ship and stopovers.

Princess Cruise also has Antarctica marked for their voyages. You can choose to explore Antarctica only or go to all of the South American destinations, including Antarctica. The cruise line consists of many ships including some of the world’s most luxurious vessels. There are two small ships as well. The duration of the tour ranges from seven days to one month. The total expenditure depends on the package chosen.
Royal Cruise takes voyagers around the world and even the poles all year round. The fleet has six ships, which cater to all the basic and luxurious needs of the traveler. The facilities on board are amazing and include whirlpools, pools, spa, fitness centre, and even a 3D cinema. You can also enjoy a short shopping spree on the ship because there are stores of renowned brands. The sizes of the ships vary and so does the cost of the journey, with the lowest being $150 per person.

Spending your vacations amidst penguins, seals and ice is highly recommended. The stay is usually short due to the extreme coldness of the region, but is worth the time and money invested. Select any one of the many offers available online and book a cruise tour now.