Weekend Breaks

City break1

Weekend breaks are a type of short holiday, typically two or three nights between Friday and Monday. For many, weekend breaks are a way a great way to turn a lazy long weekend into something more memorable and others see them as a cheaper way to explore popular destinations. Typically, many people organise weekend breaks for city destinations, this probably due to the fact that cities are relatively compact, meaning that much of the attractions can be explored within the time restriction.

Advantages of Weekend Breaks

In comparison to longer holidays, weekend breaks have a number of benefits. One of the most important advantages that they offer is that they are more convenient than typical weeklong (or longer) holidays. This can make it easier for those who cannot take too much time off work to go on holiday. In addition, weekend breaks are obviously cheaper than a regular long holiday as you are staying for less nights, this makes them a favourable option for those who are a little cash-strapped but still want to enjoy a holiday. Another one of the attractions of weekend breaks is that they allow holidaymakers to be relatively spontaneous.

The Best Weekend Break Destinations

When choosing a weekend break, many holidaymakers from the UK opt for European cities. Some of the most popular European cities for city breaks include: Barcelona, Prague, Istanbul, Rome and Paris. There are also some great cities closer to home that are perfect for weekend breaks, such as London and Dublin. On the other hand, New York City, Las Vegas and Boston great destinations for a weekend break for those who are willing to travel a little bit further afield.

Although, weekend breaks are often synonymous with city breaks, this is not always the case.