Theatre Tickets

The theatre is one of the most fundamental institutions within the United Kingdom. Known for hosting brilliant actors and stunning performances, many individuals and families will regularly take trips to the West End to enjoy an up-close-and-personal experience. Whether you enjoy Shakespearean classics or modern plays, there is indeed something for everyone. Should you be planning an upcoming outing, it is a good idea to be aware of what are some of the most respected theatres as well as a handful of the truly stunning shows to be seen.

Popular Theatres in London

London is known as an extremely artistic city and it should therefore come as no great surprise that there are a number of wonderful theatres to be visited. Unsurprisingly, some of these are also steeped in history and lore. When heading into this eclectic city, some of the top venues include The Globe Theatre, Theatre Royal, New London Theatre, Victoria Palace Theatre and the Palace Theatre. Many of these are to be found in the popular West End section of the city. Should you wish to avoid this crowded scene, there are other lesser-known venues of considerable esteem. Often billed as “Off-West-End” shows, these locations will include Arcola Theatre (Dalston Kingsland), Old Vic (Waterloo Tube) and Rich Mix (Liverpool Street).

Naturally, you will have a profound kaleidoscope of options to choose from. Should you be a fan of the classics, a few shows come to mind that should never be missed. Billy Elliot the Musical, War Horse, Chicago, Jersey Boys, Sweeney Todd, Matilda the Musical and Oppenheimer are all currently thought to be the must-see musicals in 2015. Of course, these lists will change from time to time; it is good to keep an eye out for any newer opening acts.

How to Save Money on Theatre Tickets

One of the issues that you may encounter is learning that West End theatre tickets can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. Although you will always expect to pay something, there are a handful of excellent ways to save a few extra pounds during your next outing. First, buy DIRECTLY from the theatre box office as opposed to a third-party provider that will naturally be inclined to tack on a substantial commission. Some other worthwhile tips are:

  • Purchase balcony seats as opposed to stall seats.
  • Always book in advance for `popular shows (at least one month).
  • Wait for tickets that may be cancelled at the last minute (if you choose this strategy).
  • See shows early; many theatres will be offering discounted prices in order to fill seats.
  • Go during the week as opposed to on a Friday or Saturday evening.

While some of these suggestions are a bit of common sense, others may have come as a bit of a surprise. With so many wonderful shows and theatres to choose from, it is virtually guaranteed that you will be able to encounter the perfect spot to enjoy a night out on the town.