City Breaks in San Francisco

Situated on a hilly peninsula overlooking the bay, San Francisco’s natural beauty is undeniable. While it’s natural beauty alone may be enough to tempt most, San Francisco has so much more to offer. Home to quirky cultural attractions, the infamous Alcatraz Island and some of America’s most iconic landmarks, San Francisco is the perfect destination for a laidback city break!

The best time to visit San Francisco is between September and November as the city is less crowded in these months and the weather is still warm.


Like its neighbourhoods, the hotels in San Francisco are incredibly diverse. Most of the accommodation in San Francisco is concentrated around Union Square. However, you will find smaller accommodation options throughout the city, including the residential neighbourhoods.

At the luxury end of the hotel spectrum you will find grande dames such as The Palace and popular chains such as Ritz Carlton and Mandarin Oriental. At the other end of the scale you will find a number of bed and breakfasts and small hotels throughout the city.

San Francisco City Break Top Picks

The orange Golden Gate Bridge is the city’s most iconic landmark and popular attraction. The bridge is open up to pedestrians until late in the evening and it takes around half an hour to cross the bridge. Vista Point and Fort Point are both great points to take admire the bridge. Out of the two points, Vista Point is the best spot for seeing the famous fog which engulfs the bridge.

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a tour of Alcatraz, America’s most-famous prison whose ex-residents include some of the most notorious in the world. You can get a guided tour of the prison or a self-guided audio tour which uses voice recordings from previous prisoners and guards at the prison. In addition, it is also possible to get a night tour of the prison. These tours tend to be more relaxed as they are in smaller groups. In addition, they allow you to see parts of the prison which are not accessible during the day like the hospital. As Alcatraz is such a popular attraction, be sure to book tickets well in advance and look out for any special discounts.

San Francisco’s cable cars may not be the most practical way to navigate the city but they are definitely a must-experience for anyone on a city break in San Francisco. The cable car lines date back to 1873 and San Francisco’s system is the only surviving system in the world. The best way to experience the cable cars is to avoid the queues at turnaround stops and head a few blocks up. Here you can jump on and grab a pole when the car stops.