City Breaks in Munich

As one of the premier cities and holiday destinations in Germany, Munich offers unique opportunities to visitors to experience history, culture, excellent food and a Bohemian atmosphere. Located close to the picturesque wilderness of the Black Forest, Munich is a destination which offers something to everyone, whatever your age or interests. A long weekend in Munich is perfect for relaxation and recuperation, and the city has a busy musical and cultural scene; with many concerts and events being held annually. The UK’s low cost airlines have begun to offer many cheap flights to Munich from many regional airports, and the city is well served by local airports. Online travel agents can also offer package deals which incorporate car hire and accommodation as well as flights, and these are often even better value, especially if you’re travelling as a family or group.

Munich has a famous and turbulent past; particularly relating to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, and the foundations of the Second World War, so the city is the perfect place for history buffs to visit. There are a large number of museums and galleries which explore the region’s culture, art and legacy, and guided tours take place across the city to ensure that visitors are able to explore the important sights and events of Munich. The city is also famous for its beer, breweries and famous beer festival, and during Oktoberfest the city’s streets are filled with visitors, tents and celebrations. Even if you’re not travelling to the city during Oktoberfest, local beers are available and popular throughout the year, with some of the region’s brews being famous around the world for their quality and taste.

Where to stay in Munich

Some of the cheapest places to stay in and around Munich are bed and breakfasts and hostels. These cheap and cheerful accommodations are a great way to make savings, and provide an excellent base for seeing the attractions of the city and nearby forests. Family package holidays, including camping and self-catering deals, are also excellent value and can be a real bargain for families with young children. Those visitors who have a taste for luxury can also be indulged in some of the all inclusive 5* hotels of the city centre, many of which have top facilities such as spas, swimming pools, fine dining restaurants and gyms. This diversity of accommodation and amenities means that a trip to Munich can be catered to meet the needs and budget of all guests.

How to take advantage of the best deals

Last minute deals often provide some of the best bargains for those who are seeking to visit Munich, and there are an increasing number of online travel agents who claim to offer up to 70% off the regular price. This is ideal if you just can’t wait to get away, or if you have very limited funds or flexibility in dates or destination. For those who have more time to plan their holiday, or very specific ideas, booking in advance can lead to many early booking discounts and the availability of offers such as ‘children stay free’ which are great for family groups.