City Breaks in London


The rise of the ‘staycation’ has led to many people considering a short break in London, either instead of or in addition to, their annual family holiday. Taking a city break within the UK can be one of the cheapest ways to enjoy a holiday away, and does not necessarily have to mean you’ve missed any of the fun or experiences associated with taking a long weekend trip. With unparalleled cultural and sporting events taking place annually, there has never been a better time to enjoy a trip to England’s capital city. Family attractions such as the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Natural History Museum, London Zoo and Buckingham Palace attract millions of visitors each year, and there is always much to see in London.

Getting to the city and where to stay

Whether you’re travelling to London by car, train or low cost airline, booking either last minute or advance will lead to the best deals and offers being available. London is an incredibly diverse city, and this is reflected in the choice of accommodation, dining and activities available. Family groups may prefer to stay in self catering apartments or bed and breakfasts, whereas couples will enjoy the capital’s boutique hotels and backpackers can relax in one of the city’s many cheap and cheerful hostels. All inclusive package deals are a great way to reduce the costs of dining out, and ensuring that everything is paid for in advance; whereas others may prefer the excitement of a last minute or ‘allocated on arrival’ deal which can provide huge discounts but less certainty.

How to get the best bargains during your stay in London

Online travel agents and hotel websites often deliver the best prices available, and a little internet research uncovers some truly impressive bargains for stays in London. There is much to explore, and whether you’re choosing to stay for two days or two weeks, boredom is impossible! Staying during the middle of the week rather than at the weekend is often more cost effective and heavily discounted. Pre-booking events such as musicals and museum tickets in advance is often the best way to enjoy deals and discounts, and there are some bargain matinee performances available, even on the top shows. With such a wide choice in attractions and eateries, there are always ways to reduce the cost of a short break in London.

The London Tourist Information offices and online website are also able to offer vouchers and discounts to visitors, with some attractions offering 2 for 1 deals, 20% off vouchers and cheap entry.