City Breaks in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the party capital of Europe, with a uniquely laid back attitude to life and society. Attracting millions of visitors from all over the world each year, Amsterdam gives travellers the opportunity to enjoy a number of exciting activities and adventures, many of which are unique to this iconic Dutch city. Amsterdam is renowned for its bustling nightlife and clubbing scene, but is also a great destination for those who like to enjoy good food, spectacular architecture and lots of cultural entertainment. The people of Holland, and particularly Amsterdam, are very warm and friendly towards visitors, with most speaking excellent English and enjoying the party atmosphere that their foreign guests bring.

Low cost city breaks to Amsterdam

Visitors to the city can enjoy a number of options which reduce the cost of their short breaks. From family package deals to online last minute bargains, there are many offers to be had. Cheap flights are available from low cost operators within the UK, and fly out to Amsterdam Schiphol from many airports across the country including some smaller regional locations. Some low cost airlines also offer package holiday deals, including some all inclusive offers, which are great if you’re looking to stay for longer than a weekend. There’s many cheap online deals available, and a short break to Amsterdam is now possible on all budgets.

Enjoying Amsterdam

From luxury all inclusive breaks to long weekends in a youth hostel, there are many choices to be made when considering travel to Amsterdam. However you decide to structure your trip, these offers give visitors the chance to see the sights of Amsterdam for a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re travelling in a romantic couple, in a family group, or as a hen or stag party there is lots to see and experience in Amsterdam. The city has many art galleries, churches and museums, which are a fantastic way to explore Dutch culture and history. Many visitors also feel that a trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a leisurely afternoon in one of the beer gardens and terraces for which the city is famous. These pavement cafés provide bar food and excellent local beers, and there are many in unique locations such as the famous ‘Windmill Brewery’.

The history of Amsterdam is intertwined with that of Ann Frank, who hid in the city from the brutal Nazi occupation which would eventually claim her life. Her diary is famous around the world as a symbol of Nazi oppression and the beauty and triumph of the human spirit over adversity. There is a museum at Ann Frank house, and visitors are able to explore exhibitions relating to the girl herself and the wider experiences of Jewish people under Nazi occupation. The Dutch people are proud of their reputation for sheltering and assisting Jewish people, and there are several cultural centres and museums relating to the Jewish population of Holland, which is relatively large.

The city also has a number of beautiful waterways, and exploring the city by boat is a fantastic way to see the sights of Amsterdam. These guided tours are run by informative and knowledgeable local crew, and are the perfect way to learn more about the city’s famous landmarks. For those who prefer land, cycling is ever popular in Amsterdam, and most local people rely on bikes as their main method of transport. There are many local cycle hire companies who are happy to offer low cost rental to tourists. Facilities for those on cycles are excellent, and most destinations in the city offer amenities for parking bikes.