Dresden Hotels

Since the reunification of Germany and the increased popularity of Dresden as tourist destination, the city’s hotels are in high demand and room prices have rocketed. Indeed, Dresden has some of the highest room rates in Germany. Nevertheless, Dresden boasts a wide of choice of accommodation to suit every taste and, to an extent, budget. […]

Brussels Hotels

As many visitors travel to Brussels for business or political purposes, you will find that hotels of every kind fill up quickly during the week. As a result, this causes hotel prices to rise. However, as the hotels lose the bulk of their business clientele at weekends and during the summer, travellers can save a […]

Disney World Hotels

As Disney World is the world’s most-visited attraction, there is no shortage of on-site accommodation. Visitors are truly spoilt for choice with 24 themed Disney resorts, 10 on-site hotels that are not owned by Disney and a campsite to choose from. The accommodation at Disney World is spread across five themed resort areas: Epcot, the […]

Cologne Hotels

As Cologne is a thriving student town and a major business centre, there are more than 200 hotels for you to choose from, from the high-end, luxury hotels through to small, budget hotels. Throughout the year Cologne is a busy city which means that accommodation prices can be quite high. In addition, room prices further […]

Rome Hotels

In the past, accommodation options in Rome were incredibly limited: you could either stay in an expensive luxury hotel or stay in an inexpensive pensione with dubious cleaning standards. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem as many of Rome’s hotels have recently undergone dramatic renovations and more mid-range hotels and bed and breakfasts have […]

Helsinki Hotels

Since Helsinki has developed as an important business destination and a tourist hotspot, the amount of accommodation available in the city has greatly increased. Though Helsinki is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities, it has an impressive range of accommodation to choose from, spanning from minimalist hostels through to opulent, luxury hotels. While most of […]

Luxembourg Hotels

Luxembourg City boasts an impressive gamut of accommodation that ranges from large chain hotels to small, but homely, family-run establishments. As Luxembourg City is an important business centre, hotel prices rise and fall according to the city’s influx of business travellers. During the week, when Luxembourg City receives the bulk of its business travellers, hotel […]

Warsaw Hotels

Finding accommodation in Poland’s capital is never a problem. Whether you are looking for a basic hostel or a luxury hotel, there is somewhere for everyone in Warsaw. There has recently been a hotel boom in Warsaw that has led to the construction of a number of new hotels. However, staying in Warsaw can be […]

San Diego Hotels

While San Diego is an immensely popular US holiday destination, drawing in over 32 million tourists every year, there is no shortage of accommodation. In San Diego accommodation is as plentiful and varied as the city’s beautiful landscape. In one city you can find award-winning, luxury hotels, unique, historic hotels, cheap motels and everything in […]

Oslo Hotels

As Oslo is a popular destination for business travellers as well as tourists, the city has an increasing amount of accommodation. Oslo also has a broad range of accommodation, from hostels and bed and breakfasts to hotels of varying quality. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for accommodation, hotel prices do tend to be quite […]