Bahia Holidays

Bahia is the fourth-most populous state within Brazil. It is found in the centre of the nation with shores embracing the Atlantic Ocean. It is also one of the largest states in terms of land mass. Not only is Bahia a strong centre of manufacturing, but its warm climate has attracted tourists from colder temperatures […]

Lahaul & Spiti Holidays

Lahaul and Spiti are two contiguous districts found within the northern Indian province of Himachal Pradesh. As these locations are found close to nearby mountains, they are generally associated with a warm and dry climate. They rarely experience monsoonal conditions that often serve to define the southern cities of India. In essence, these two districts […]

Aeolian Islands Holidays

The Aeolian Islands are what is known as a volcanic archipelago.  They have been created over millions of years from both active and passive volcanoes.  As this island chain is found within the warm waters associated with the Tyrrhenian Sea, they are very popular as tourist destinations.  They offer amenable weather and it is said […]

Kii Peninsula Holidays

The Kii Peninsula is one of the most pronounced peninsulas found on the Japanese island of Honshu. This location is known for a few rather interesting features. For example, the waters just off of the coast are home to the most northerly coral reefs in the world. The tropical rainforests associated with the Kii Peninsula […]

Holidays in Hunan: Culture and Beauty

Hunan is one of he top-ten most populous regions in China and its name can be roughly translated into “south of Lake Dongting”. While the name itself may not be altogether impressive, such a title belies the beauty and culture to be found here. Scientists estimate that Hunan was first founded sometime before 350 BCE […]

Arizona Holidays

Many individuals are under the false impression that Arizona is comprised of nothing more than endless stretches of arid sand.  On the contrary, this massive state has much more in store.  From towering mountains to the north to the urban delights of cities such as Phoenix, Arizona is a great place for the entire family […]

Tallinn Holidays

Tallinn is the capital as well as the largest city of Estonia.  It is currently populated by close to 450,000 residents and it occupies an area of approximately 160 square kilometres.  The city itself was first spoken of by historians in 1219 although it is estimated that original settlements can be dated as far back […]

South Africa Holidays

Located on the very tip of the African continent, South Africa is arguably the most sought-after destination within this part of the world.  It is quite far from Europe and the United Kingdom: direct flights will take 14 hours or longer.  However, it is definitely worth the ride.  Not only will you have immediate access […]

Holidays in China

Occupying over 9.6 million square miles, China is one of the largest countries on the planet.  Its 22 different provinces are home to well over 1.4 billion residents. Some archaeologists estimate that humans inhabited this land as far back as 2.24 millions years ago and if this proves to be true, China will be considered […]

South Korea Holidays

Officially referred to as the Republic of Korea, South Korea has enjoyed a long and sometimes turbulent history.  Human remains date back to more than 8,000 years BCE and in the past 100 years, South Korea has become a major powerhouse in terms of technology, innovation and culture.  This is obviously in direct contrast to […]