A Look at What to Expect from a Durban Holiday

If you have ever fancied a trip to South Africa, Durban could very well represent the destination of choice. This is the third-largest city within the country and it is found along the east coast. Durban is famous for being the busiest port within the nation and it has therefore enjoyed a long and diverse […]

Denver Holidays: Mile-High Fun at Your Disposal

Located within the state of Colorado, Denver is its capital and most populous city. This metropolitan areas is also due to the fact that the majority of its confines are above one mile in altitude. Not only is this city famous for its access to nearby skiing locations such as Aspen, but there are a […]

Croatia Holidays at a Glance: What You Can Expect to Enjoy

Located in Eastern Europe, many have called Croatia one of the most stunning “hidden gems” that this continent has to offer. Not only can you expect to enjoy a host of different geographic regions, but the number of attractions here is just as diverse. If you are planning a holiday to Croatia any time soon, […]

Claiming Compensation for a Holiday Gone Wrong

What would happen if your dream holiday suddenly turned into a veritable nightmare?  Would you know the steps to take in order to file a claim and to receive financial compensation.  You might be surprised to learn that the majority of travellers are unaware of how to file a holiday claim until it is too […]

Lefkada Holidays | The Paradise Of Blue

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with Greece will immediately recognise major destinations such as Athens, Mykonos and Corfu.  However, there is another location known as Lefkada and it could very well represent the best-kept secret that this massive archipelago has to offer.  Found within the warm waters of the Ionian Sea, this island is its […]

A Guide to Holidays in Sweden

At more than 450,000 square kilometres, Sweden is the third-largest nation within the European Union by total land mass.  It is bordered on the west by Norway and on the east by Finland.  Although the northern portions of the country can be quite cold during the winter months, its southern confines are actually quite hospitable.  […]

Rwanda Holidays: All That You Need to Know

Rwanda is a landlocked country found within the eastern portion of Central Africa.  It is also one of the smallest countries on the continent with a land area of just over 26,000 square kilometres.  While this nation had been associated with a fair amount of internal strife in the past, recent years have seen a […]

Mystical Nepal Holidays

Known for its access to the nearby Himalaya mountains, Nepal is a country found within Central Asia.  Sharing borders with both China and India, many will be surprised to learn that this country is home to more than 26 million inhabitants.  Visitors will arrive here to enjoy what can only be called a once-in-a-lifetime holiday […]

Montenegro Holidays: A Hidden European Gem

Montenegro is a small country found within the south eastern portion of Europe and it has existing in one form or another since at least the 9th century CE.  Although it was relatively unknown for the better portion of the 20th century, it has seen massive economic and social development during the past 30 years.  […]

Germany Holidays: What Can You Expect?

Covering an area of more than 357,000 square kilometres, Germany is one of the largest and most populated European nations.  It is also an economic powerhouse and its financial influence can be felt throughout the world.  Massive cities such as Berlin and Hamburg have likewise enjoy millions of visitors from abroad and the popularity of […]