Bus and Coach Travel

For those who enjoy the feel and convenience of the open road, coach travel is an option not to be missed. Not only will travellers be able to enjoy down-to-earth views of the surrounding environment, but buses are quite comfortable and spacious. Furthermore, this method of transportation is decidedly cheaper than an airline while it is much more convenient than driving. Many buses offer movies and meals while a growing number are now capable of providing wireless Internet during the journey. This is a particularly useful feature for those who need to keep in contact with friends or loved ones.

Popular Destinations in the United Kingdom

Coach companies service all major cities such as London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Cambridge (to name only a few). Naturally, the travel times between major destinations will vary depending upon motorway conditions, the route taken and traffic. Some of the most common trips and their respective lengths are:

  • London and Birmingham: Approximately two and a half hours.
  • London and Cambridge: One hour and fifteen minutes.
  • London and Edinburgh: Seven and a half hours.
  • Edinburgh to Inverness: Approximately four hours.

Besides these major destinations, there are other locations which are perfect to enjoy by coach. From the white cliffs of Dover to the tranquil Isle of Wight and the Scottish Highlands, amazing sights await. Of course, it only makes sense to book through the most reliable carriers. These include Shearings, National Express, Mega Bus, Stagecoach and Arriva. Both online and physical bookings are available. Advanced reservations can potentially save a great deal of money as well.

Popular Destinations in Europe

Europe is another region of the world that is perfectly suited for a bus trip. Of course, there are numerous destinations to choose from. All major cities offer their own bus service while larger companies can provide truly excellent accommodations during any journey. Some carriers are nationally owned while others will operate throughout Europe. A handful of applicable travel times can include:

  • Paris to Prague: ten hours
  • Rome to Barcelona: Thirteen hours.
  • Madrid to Lisbon: Five hours and thirty minutes.
  • Amsterdam to Hamburg: Four hours and forty minutes.

Once again, these times are only general estimates; the duration can be influenced by weather conditions and traffic.

Depending upon the ultimate destination, there are a number of different coaches that can be chosen. Eurolines is one of the largest carriers and this firm provides dozens of international destinations. As Eurolines currently serves no less than 33 countries and provides over 600 destinations, many believe this carrier to be the best in the industry. Some of other firms include National Express, Busabout, STA Travel and iDBUS.