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Claiming Compensation for a Holiday Gone Wrong

What would happen if your dream holiday suddenly turned into a veritable nightmare?  Would you know the steps to take in order to file a claim and to receive financial compensation.  You might be surprised to learn that the […]

Lefkada Holidays | The Paradise Of Blue

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with Greece will immediately recognise major destinations such as Athens, Mykonos and Corfu.  However, there is another location known as Lefkada and it could very well represent the best-kept secret that this massive archipelago […]

A Guide to Holidays in Sweden

At more than 450,000 square kilometres, Sweden is the third-largest nation within the European Union by total land mass.  It is bordered on the west by Norway and on the east by Finland.  Although the northern portions of the […]

Rwanda Holidays: All That You Need to Know

Rwanda is a landlocked country found within the eastern portion of Central Africa.  It is also one of the smallest countries on the continent with a land area of just over 26,000 square kilometres.  While this nation had been […]

Mystical Nepal Holidays

Known for its access to the nearby Himalaya mountains, Nepal is a country found within Central Asia.  Sharing borders with both China and India, many will be surprised to learn that this country is home to more than 26 […]

Montenegro Holidays: A Hidden European Gem

Montenegro is a small country found within the south eastern portion of Europe and it has existing in one form or another since at least the 9th century CE.  Although it was relatively unknown for the better portion of […]

Germany Holidays: What Can You Expect?

Covering an area of more than 357,000 square kilometres, Germany is one of the largest and most populated European nations.  It is also an economic powerhouse and its financial influence can be felt throughout the world.  Massive cities such […]

Experience the Majesty of British Columbia

The province of British Columbia is the westernmost portion of lower Canada.  It borders the Pacific Ocean as well as the upper tier of the United States.  British Columbia is home to approximately 4.8 million residents and thanks to […]

Argentina Holidays: Your South American Adventure Awaits

Officially known as the Argentine Republic, this country is home to more than 43 million residents and it boasts more than 2.78 million square kilometres of land.  One of the features which has served to define this country over […]

A Holiday in the Julian Alps

The Julian Alps is a mountain range which stretches from Italy to Slovenia. This is one of the most popular regions in terms of skiing as well as tourism in general. It is thought that the etymology of this […]